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Bathroom Fitting

Bathroom Fittings from top branded companies always give warranty of 5-7 years. Each of these top branded companies have different range of products. Starting range of branded company is Economic. When you hire a Contractor to re-do your bathroom, they tell you Cost of Bathroom Plumbing which does not include cost of bathroom fittings. Reason is that the price range of bathroom fitting varies a-lot depending upon brand and fitting you select.

There are two types of Home Owners. Many think that time spent in bathroom is best. Creative people get cool ideas during shower. hence they want to spend as much as they can on bathroom.

However many home owners are quite clear. They want to pick starting range of bathroom fittings. As far as shower works correctly, they don’t want to spend extra rupee on it.

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Your electrical installation will follow a blueprint or a map, much like the one for the rest of your home.


Once your electrical installation is complete, an inspector will come out to make sure that your outlets, light switches, electrical panel and wiring all meet building and safety codes.


Once all of the details are managed and approved, your electrical system will be tested to make sure everything is in working order.