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The basic constituent of Distemper Paint is chalk, lime, and water . Distemper Paint is also known as cement paint. This is called so because such kind of paint can be applied directly on cement walls without any other coating on them without using the primer. They are a cheaper option and they stay good for more than 3 to 4 years. Distemper Paints are used for both interior and exterior walls by painters in Bangalore. They usually need two coatings. There are three types of Distemper Paint available in market Acrylic Distemper Paint, Synthetic Distemper Paint and UNO Acrylic Distemper Paint.

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Your electrical installation will follow a blueprint or a map, much like the one for the rest of your home.


Once your electrical installation is complete, an inspector will come out to make sure that your outlets, light switches, electrical panel and wiring all meet building and safety codes.


Once all of the details are managed and approved, your electrical system will be tested to make sure everything is in working order.