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Plastic Paint

While oil-based paints still are widely used, “latex” paints that typically combine water and plastics have increased dramatically in popularity, particularly with do-it-yourselfers. The term latex originally referred to the use of latex from rubber trees for the solid part of the paint that actually creates the paint film. Today various plastics are used such as polyvinyls, polyurethanes, polyesters and acrylics. (“Acrylic latex paint” is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to any water-based paints that use plastics.)

These latex paints take advantage of various properties of plastics. These plastic based paints are quick to cure, durable and washable. They often cover in one coat and clean up with water for minimal fuss.

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Your electrical installation will follow a blueprint or a map, much like the one for the rest of your home.


Once your electrical installation is complete, an inspector will come out to make sure that your outlets, light switches, electrical panel and wiring all meet building and safety codes.


Once all of the details are managed and approved, your electrical system will be tested to make sure everything is in working order.