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TV Unit

The new trend in modern furniture design is minimalist. Always everything seems to be simpler and the attention has been shifted from busy designs with pointless decorations to simpler ones with increased functionality.

Modern TV stand assortment offers a lot of different options when it comes to aesthetics and practicality. Some units are thin and space-conscious while others occupy entire walls providing plenty of storage space. Materials vary from solid wood to plastic and fiberglass, and the shapes are as different as human imagination allows. We can also say this type of tv unit as a floating console.

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Your electrical installation will follow a blueprint or a map, much like the one for the rest of your home.


Once your electrical installation is complete, an inspector will come out to make sure that your outlets, light switches, electrical panel and wiring all meet building and safety codes.


Once all of the details are managed and approved, your electrical system will be tested to make sure everything is in working order.